Pastor Jarrett Wells

Pastor Jarrett Wells grew up attending Oakview Baptist church and trusted in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at the age of 22 years old. That day began a new journey for him that only God could write. Very soon after he recieved Christ he developed a deep love and appreciation for the Word of God and could not get enough of learning the precious truths that the Bible contained. God called Bro Jarrett away from Oakview Baptist church for a season to grow him in certain areas and open his heart to a deeper love for Christ and also a more complete understanding of God's Word. This love for God's Word and deep desire to be used by God eventually led to Bro Jarrett being called by God to preach the Word of God. He has told the remarkable story over and over again about how the Holy Spirit spoke to him very clearly through the Word of God to "Preach the Word". At the same time God called Bro Jarrett to preach, God also gave him a burden for his home church which had just recently become without a pastor. This led Bro Jarrett to come back to Oakview not to sit on a pew and follow, but to stand behind the pulpit and preach. Over a period of time Bro Jarrett was called by Oakview to be their pastor and God has been blessing ever since!  He has a pastor's heart that cares for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of the people God has allowed him to pastor. You can rest assured that he is truly called by God to preach the Word of God and when you hear him preach you are receiving a message straight from God to you. Him and his wife Brittany Wells have been married since 2006. They both have a burden for the youth as well as young married couples and they make a great ministry team. They have two beautiful children Alivia and Nathan. Jarrett also is a multi instrumentalist and gifted singer who loves to lead a church into the presence of God through worship. 


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